Services Provided in the U.S.

Utilizes Patented ExOne 3D Printers to produce high quality castings with complex geometry both, internally and externally.

  • USA and Japan Patents on the development of artificial sand that creates molds free of veining, burrs and other defects while significantly lowering the production costs of castings.
  • Can produce high-melting castings and heat-resistance castings, including Gray Iron castings, Ductile Iron castings, Ni-Resist castings, Stainless Cast Steel castings, Aluminum castings and other Specialty Alloys
  • Kimura Foundry can also pour Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI) castings, a Swedish process control developed by SinterCast for product development, prototyping and niche volume production castings; this process has very limited business production available in the United States
  • Can produce castings with complex shapes and wall thicknesses as low as 1.5mm. The final products will have dimensional accuracy of ±0.5mm and exceptionally smooth surfaces and zero defects
  • Industries served yield a wide range of products; Art, Watercraft, Pumps, Motor housings Turbine Housings, Prototype engine parts of any industry. Agricultural, Automotive, Gas and Oil, Tier One Suppliers, Machine Tools, Bearing Housings, Brake Components, Cylinder head
  • Kimura Foundry America offers a 5-day delivery of a raw castings

Services Provided in Japan

Large Size and Mass Production Castings

  • Stamping Die Tool
  • Machine Tools and Industrial Machinery
  • Energy Equipment including compressors, gas turbines and gas and diesel engines

Rapid Prototype and Small Lot Production

  • To ensure a rapid response, our factory in Japan operates as additional support for our U.S. rapid prototype and small lot production services