Quality-Assurance System

Quality is our top priority. With our competitive lead times, we utilize careful technique and powerful technology to ensure our castings meet our customers’ needs and expectations.

From powerful casting simulation capabilities, to chemical monitoring of our heats, to the testing of material properties, to non-destructive testing including CT analysis and blue-light 3D scanning we ensure quality along every step of our process.

By monitoring and tracking the progress of a part through each stage of our facility every project is given individual consideration and attention to ensure that what you order is what you receive.

Our facility is ISO 9001:2015 certified and we are capable of catering to a variety of industry and customer standards and requirements.

Quality advantage

We have developed and patented an unique artificial sand system that comes from our high quality standards. In comparison to natural silica sand, our artificial sand is highly heat resistant and prevents defects such as veining which comes from sand expansion.

At KFA, we utilize 2 types of binders:
Phenol has higher strength at normal temperature and is better for thin complex structures.
Furan has higher production efficiency.


Filling simulation

Solidification simulation

Trace simulation

1. Simulation
Utilizing MAGMA simulation, we are able to optimize quality, lead time, and casting design according to customer’s requirement. We can also adjust the parameters of production to take all the possible actions to avoid defects.

2. Patented Sand technology
Kimura Foundry America has patented sand technology. Sand expands, sometimes breaking the mold, when molten steel or iron material runs through it at high temperatures. Kimura utilizes artificial sand for our 3D printed sand molds and cores which maintains its form up to 3600 F (2000 C), thus preserving the precise geometry of the product.
Furthermore, Kimura Foundry America is equipped with a thermal reclaim system which recycles our sand from every step of the process. This recycling system for our sand contributes to a cleaner workplace, lower environmental impact, and reduces costs which translates to savings for our customers.

3. Sand Mold Selection with two types of resin
There are two types of resin, furan and phenol. Furan resin is used for efficient production. Phenol resin realizes high strength sand mold with thermal heat treatment so is used especially for sand core of difficult application such as prototypes of hydraulic control valves and bearing housing of turbochargers. Kimura uses CHP (Cold-Hardening Phenol) process which has more precise dimensional accuracy than hot hardening process.

Quality Check (Inspections)


Tensile strength machine


1. Equipment
Kimura Foundry America are equipped with various inspection machines and tools to meet our customers’ requirements.

CT Scan for internal defects
CT Scanning is getting more common to validate internal quality and we are equipped with an YXLON especially for automotive industries. Sectioningn is also available in house as a method for casting soundness qualification.

Manufacturer: YXLON
Work size: Max 600x750mm
Work weight: Max 50kg
X ray tube: Y.TU450-D11
CT scanning time: Min 15sec/slice
Voxel size: 70µm
Scan mode: Fine beam CT
Manipulator: 3 axis (variable magnification)
Detector type: YXLON CT Scan 3-0780Lisenser and panel detector
X ray output: Max 450kv

3D scanner for dimensional inspection
Kimura Foundry America uses 3D scanner  for dimensional validation, comparing an actual product dimensions with its original 3D model.

Manufacturer: Creaform
Resolution: 0.050mm (0.0020 in.)
Part Size Range: 0.1 – 4.0m (0.3 – 13 ft)

2. Inspections

Chemical Composition and Microstructure:
Chemical composition analysis by SPECTROMAXx Spark OES ensuring strict control over material grade.

Metallographic examination via optical microscope to confirm metal matrix, nodularity, and nodule size in accordance with internal requirements, customer requirements, and any desired external standards.

Chemical etching available for Cast Irons, Stainless and Alloy Steels.

Mechanical Properties
tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, and reduction of area viauniversal testing machine, surface hardness testing (Brinell hardness tester, portable hardness meter)

Non-destructive inspections:
CT, UT (Ultrasonic testing), MT (Magnetic particle testing), PT (Penetrant testing), 3D dimensional scanning, VT (Visual testing), Pressure Testing up to 80 PSI.

Culture of Quality

Kimura Foundry America has a dedicated team of engineers to propose innovative solutions to realize the highest quality of casting parts. We also have support from the department of Research and Development and the Advanced Technology Center of Kimura Foundry Japan for developing new technologies and solutions to continuously improve the quality.