June 8th 2019

Kimura Foundry America welcomed a 3rd 3D Printer. This will allow KFA to expand the capacity for printing!


August 5th 2019

Kimura Foundry America held it’s first ever US Board meeting, attendees were: Kazutoshi Kimura, Taka Kimura, Dr Yoya Fukuda, David Burns, Krista Wicker, Henry Scissom, Mike Bader.

September 20th 2019

Kimura Foundry America held a tree planting ceremony with the Kimura Family member from Japan. 10 Cherry Trees were planted in front of the facility, we can not wait to see the beautiful blooms next spring!

September 20th 2019

Also to mark the occasion KFA celebrated the Grand Opening of the first year with a plaque.


November 7, 2019

Kimura Foundry America celebrated the 1 year Anniversary with guests from Japan and employees. A great day was had by everyone celebrating and employees received gifts of congratulations from Kimura Foundry Japan, parent to KFA. Employees enjoyed a fried chicken dinner style lunch and cake!

Fall of 2019

Kimura Foundry installed a new Quality Lab to better suit our customer requests, we added a new Quality Engineer; Ian Tullar. Ian received several weeks of training at our parent facility Kimura Foundry Japan. We also added a Brinell Hardness Tester, a new Microscope and many other quality testing products so that all of testing can be done in house.


December 12th 2019

Kimura Foundry America received our newest piece of equipment, a CT Scan, this will allow KFA to check for any internal defects. We are very excited to be able to add this to our new Lab Addition for our Quality checks.


January 15, 2020

Kimura Foundry is busy working on installation of a new 1000kg furnace, this will allow pour up to 500kg castings! We are very excited to see this large operation in action.