We realize ideal design of casting both by Additive Manufacturing and Casting Technologies

Advantages of Our Process

Ultra Fast Delivery

Complex Geometry of Products

Pattern-less Production

Complex Geometry of products

Kimura Foundry Group is the leader in the field of 3D sand printing technology based on a long history as cast iron foundry with the world largest numbers of 3D sand printers. We are delivering highest quality casting products with ultra-fast lead time to support customers who need complex shape casting within limited time frame.

3D printed sand mold

Sectioned casting

3D printing technology has benefits in various factors of casting production including:

  • Highly complex shapes

  • Wall thickness as low as mm

  • Dimensional accuracy ±0.5mm

  • Easy for internal cooling structure

  • Very smooth surface

Pump Casing
Material: 65-45-12 / EN-GJS-450-10
Size: 16x12x8 inch / 400x300x200mm
Weight: 55lbs / 25kg
Lead-time: 5 days
Service part

Hydraulic Control Valve
Material: 80-55-06 / EN-GJS-500-7
Size: 8x8x5inch 200x200x120mm
Weight: 26lbs / 12kg
Lead-time: 5 days
Prototype part

Material: CF8M / 1.4408 (steel)

Size: 11x11x7inch / 280x280x170mm
Weight: 33lbs / 15kg
Lead-time: 5 days
Service part

Engine Block
Material: 350 / EN-GJV-350
Size: 16x12x8inch / 400x300x200mm
Weight: 77lbs / 35kg
Lead-time: 5 days

Available materials

Kimura Foundry America produces castings with various materials and grades.
We can melt most of iron and steel grade per particular specification through material testing by spectrometer.

Flake Graphite Cast Iron (Grey Iron)
ISO 180/JL/200 FC150 Class No. 150B EN-GJL 150
ISO 185/JL/200 FC200 Class No. 200B EN-GJL 200
ISO 185/JL/250 FC250 Class No. 250B EN-GJL 250
ISO 185/JL/300 FC300 Class No. 300B EN-GJI 300
Stainless Cast Steel
GX4CrNi12-4 SCS6 CA6NM 1.4317
GX5CrNi19-9 SCS13 CF8 1.4808
GX5CrNiMo19-11-2 SCS14 CF8M 1.4408
SCS18 CK20
Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron (Ductile Iron)
ISO 400-18S FCD400-18 60-40-18 EN-GJS-400-18
ISO 450-10S FCD450-10 65-45-12 EN-GJS-450-10
ISO 500-7S FCD500-7 80-55-06 EN-GJS-500-7
ISO 600-3S FCD600-3 80-60-03 EN-GJS-600-3
ISO 700-2S FCD700-2 100-70-03 EN-GJS-700-2
Heat Resistant Cast Steel
GX40CrNiSi22-10 5CH12X HF 1.4826
GX40CrNiSi25-12 SCH13X HH typeⅡ 1.4837
GX40CrNiSi25-20 SCH22X HK40 1.4848
GX40CrNiSiNb38-19 SCH30XNb HU 1.48849
Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI)
ISO 16112/JV/350 FCV350 350 EN-GJV350
ISO 16112/JV/400 FCV400 400 EN-GJV400
ISO 16112/JV/450 FCV450 450 EN-GJV450
Ni-resist Cast Iron
Ni-Resist D-2 SA/XNi20Cr2 Type D-2 GJS-AXNiCr20-2
Ni-Resist D-3 Type D-3
Ni-Resist D-5S JSA/XNi35Si5Cr2 Type D AXNiSiCr35-5-2

Ultra-Fast Delivery

Speed is always key for success. An advantage of only one day could change the world. We always support the players who would try to get ahead of existing framework to win in the market. Kimura Foundry America serves the highest quality castings in as little as 5 business days after receiving data from the customer. This speed would create time to verify the best geometry of the component from the variations in design leading to the best performance and cost.

During the prototyping process in various industries, engineers in the R&D section try to optimize the function and efficiency of the component. Such trials could end up with broken part of the component in the middle of test run. Kimura Foundry America delivers the part with the earliest possible timeframe so that engineers can restart the activity without long suspension of the test runs.

<Our typical process from quotation to shipment>

Day 0: Kimura sends back a quotation within 24 hours after receiving inquiry.

Day 1: Customer sends a purchase order and data to Kimura. Kimura summarizes customer requirement.

Day 2: Kimura runs MAGMA simulation multiple times for optimizing casting plan.
Kimura imports the data to 3D sand printer and 3D sand printer starts running.
Finished sand mold (core) is taken out from the 3D printer and cleaned.

Day 3: Sand mold (and core) is set into flask and molten metal is poured.

Day 4: Cast product is taken out from flask for finishing.

Day 5: Inspection and packing. Ready to ship.


Pattern-less Production

Pattern making is always time consuming and generates additional cost. When the number of products is limited, the best way is skipping pattern making. When you check the old pattern in your storage and find it is no longer usable due to wear or bad maintenance, how do you feel? We offer to store your product design by 3D data so that you can receive the part on time. We keep your design in our data storage and create sand molds and cores directly from the data for producing casting parts in 5 days. You don’t need to worry about the condition of the pattern any more. Producing casting from 3D printed sand mold/core is the fastest and smartest solution. Our process is ideal for the project customized a profile of the component depends on the conditions or requirements by the circumstances or clients and replace the part in several years. You will have higher customer satisfaction with more variety of components and less idle time caused by unavailability of spare parts.

Once you complete pattern making, it becomes difficult and costly to make modifications. However, with KFA’s process you can expand the time to optimize the design until the last minutes before you freeze the design. We support every engineer who never compromises the design work to realize a better future.

Trouble shooting

Kimura Foundry America is always trying to solve the problems of casting. A long history as foundry and very high simulation capabilities enable us to directly focus on the problem and solve typical quality issues of castings like porosity, gas defect, shrinkage, blowhole, etc. Within the simulation software we are able to use the optimization feature to create an efficient design based on our criteria. We guarantee a defect free parts every time because we run through several times of simulation before deciding a casting design.

Solidification simulation

Shrinkage simulation

Trace simulation

Case studies

Quality Casting Supply to Agricultural Machinery Component in 1.5 week

Solution: Very Short Delivery Lead Time of Quality Casting

A customer who manufactures the components assembled to agricultural machinery (Customer A) faced serious quality problem on one of casting parts for their production. Customer A immediately focused on the issue and started discussion with the foundry. The foundry tried to improve the pouring process, however the first trial was not good enough to eliminate the quality problem.
Customer A contacted Kimura Foundry America in 2019 and received the quotation of the part with the 1.5 weeks delivery lead time. Customer A decided to order 20 pieces of the part from Kimura Foundry America.
Customer A and the foundry could have enough time to focus on the problem and succeeded to eliminate the issue completely during the time the foundry could hold the production and focus on the issue.
Customer A shared the information of quality problem at the regular foundry and Kimura Foundry America run the MAGMA simulation X times to optimize the casting plan. Following day Kimura Foundry America start production and completed 20 pcs production in 5 business days. 1st casting part was CT scanned at Kimura and confirmed as defect free condition.

Key points:

  • Customer shared the information about defect precisely to Kimura Foundry – America, who could directly focus on the problem.
  • Kimura Foundry America used powerful simulation software to identify the best casting plan within a couple of hours.

Optimization of Design on the Automotive Component in the prototype stage

Solution: Simultaneous production with various designs

Customer B is manufacturing automotive components and one of global leading companies. In particular project, the designer team lead a couple of designs of the component before evaluating final design. The team decided to run functional test with 3 different designs and ordered 2 pieces of each design to Kimura Foundry America.
Kimura Foundry America run the simulation with different design respectively and confirmed the casting plan of each design. Sand 3D printer start printing sand mold and core in the same job box of the printer and all printing work had been completed same time in the following day.
Customer B received all prototype parts with 3 different design at the same time 2 weeks after purchase order was released.

Key points:

  • Sand 3D printer can create sand mold (and core) with different design at the same time. This technology is good to determine the best design out of several choices in the limited time frame.