Mission Statement: To make the most of data technology, to inspire the imagination and to accommodate the needs of our customers

Our new Kimura Foundry America, Inc. factory in Shelbyville, Indiana is designed from the ground up to ensure a safe, clean and smart environment when while providing quality castings and small lot production services. This foundry environment concept was pioneered by Kimura Foundry Group, and has since been proven successful and effective throughout the industry and the world.

  • We aspire to become a safe, green, smart and continually creative company
  • We will keep our true culture of innovative processes
  • We will achieve true business development and become the best in the world
  • We will foster innovative personnel that promotes globalization

Innovative Casting Manufacturing Technology Provides:• A Safe Environment
• A Clean Factory – Dust Collection System
• A Comfortable Work Environment – Air Conditioned Throughout
• Production-Friendly Casting
• Patented 3D Printer Technology
• The Latest MAGNA Simulation Software
• Zero Defects

Based on our long-term industry insight and experience, Kimura revolutionary production systems and technology improve casting flow through unmanned operation. Our commitment to a safe, clean and smart environment results in improved working conditions for our employees and higher quality castings for our customers.

Capabilities in Action for Casting Flow

Kimura Foundry America utilizes the most up to date technology to insure the quality of our castings. By outlining our Manufacturing Process we can commit necessary resources to any project. Starting with a 2D or a 3D drawing Kimura Foundry America can create 3D CAD Data to process the casting design. Once the casting design is complete and approved by the customer we can utilize Magma Soft to confirm the pour capabilities. Engineers will then assign the project to one of our 3 in house 3D Printers to create the sand mold and core. Cleaning and assembling the mold takes place next, once complete the casting will be poured in our state of the art foundry. Our expert finishing department will take over,  and dimensional inspections will take place by quality department (including any other customer required testing). Shipping to the customer is the final step in our process.

Kimura Foundry America can do all of this in JUST 5 DAYS!