Environment Concept: SAFE. CLEAN. SMART.

Our new Kimura Foundry America, Inc. factory in Shelbyville, Indiana is designed from the ground up to ensure a safe, clean and smart environment when providing Rapid Prototype (RP) castings and small lot production services. This foundry environment concept was pioneered by Kimura Foundry Group, and has since been proven successful and effective throughout the industry and the world.

Traditionally, the foundry industry in Japan operated as a 3K Workplace: Kiken (dangerous), Kitanai (dirty) and Kitsui (demanding). Our Kimura Gumma Prefecture factory in Japan was founded in 1981 to address this unacceptable industry practice. Applying the experience gained from our Gumma Prefecture factory model, we erected a second factory in Omaezaki, Shizuoka, Japan in 1988. With the goal of becoming the “World’s Number One Clean Foundry,” the factory was a pioneer in clean factory operation based on 4S: Seiri (organized), Seiton (orderliness), Seiketsu (clean) and Seiso (cleaning). Today, Kimura automated systems are recognized for their ability to reduce performance variation and increase safe operation, as well as to improve productivity. Our clean factory operation effectively reduces workplace accidents and risks. Kimura Smart Factory Operation employs the latest Information Technology (IT) to increase productivity and reduce heavy lifting. As a result, we can provide more value-added RP castings and small lot production services to our customers.

Innovative Casting Manufacturing Technology Provides:
• A Safe Environment
• A Clean Factory – Dust Collection System
• A Comfortable Work Environment – Air Conditioned Throughout
• Production-Friendly Prototyping
• Patented 3D Printer Technology
• The Latest MAGNA Simulation Software
• Zero Defects

Based on our long-term industry insight and experience, Kimura revolutionary production systems and technology improve casting flow through unmanned operation. Our commitment to a safe, clean and smart environment results in improved working conditions for our employees and higher quality castings for our customers.

Casting CAE- Magma Soft

Digitization of Mfg Process