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Kimura Foundry America starts Aluminum Casting

June 17th, 2022

Kimura Foundry America, Inc. (KFA) announced it has installed a new, 440 lbs. aluminum melting furnace and has started aluminum casting. The company utilizes 3D sand printers with artificial sand for iron and steel castings since it was established in November 2018 at Shelbyville Indiana. The company had decided it needed to expand its material base for meeting the customer needs.

Kimura Foundry America is strengthened and supported by a strong relationship with its parent company, Kimura Japan. Kimura Japan pioneered the 3D print business model that was used to build KFA to much success. In addition to the experience with 3D printed molds, Kimura Japan has over 95 years of experience in iron casting production.

While meeting customers’ demand for iron and steel castings, KFA found that many of these customers also have a need for aluminum with quick turnaround times. This coupled with the growing demand for aluminum castings from the automotive, aerospace, and construction machinery industries motivated KFA to make the investment in the new furnace.

The addition of aluminum furnace has not affected the capabilities. KFA still serves customers who desire gray and ductile iron as well as various other ferrous material such as heat-resistant Ni-resist casting, stainless steel, compacted graphite iron (CGI) and many other special alloy castings based on customers specifications.” The company specializes in castings mainly for rapid prototyping, after-market parts and small-volume production. The addition of aluminum castings to its lineup will be leading the company into a totally unique position in the North American foundry business.

The company was established in Shelbyville, Indiana in November 2018. Since the beginning, KFA has utilized 3D sand printers with artificial sand to produce iron and steel castings. KFA has recently decided to expand its material base to meet customer needs.

About Kimura Foundry America, Inc. – Kimura Foundry America, located in Shelbyville Indiana, specializes in quality castings produced by optimizing 3D printing technology. A parent company with a long history as a foundry and a patented sand technology enable us to produce defect free castings in as little as 5 business days. In addition to the 3D printed sand molds and cores, high speed casting simulation software and various inspection capabilities, including in-house CT scanning, that has strengthened our quality standard. Our process is ideal for rapid prototyping and small volume production as well as service parts when conventional patterns are not available. We can supply castings made of iron, steel, and numerous specialty alloys including aluminum.