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Kimura Foundry America

Kimura Foundry America is a greenfield cast metal foundry established in Shelbyville, Indiana in 2018.

  • Kimura Foundry America’s location is the first business venture for Kimura Foundry Group to bring this unprecedented technology to the United States.
  • Utilizes Patented ExOne 3D Printers to produce high quality castings with complex geometry both, internally and externally.
  • USA and Japan Patents on the development of artificial sand that creates molds free of veining, burrs and other defects while significantly lowering the production costs of castings.
  • Kimura Foundry America can produce heat-resistance castings, including Gray Iron castings, Ductile Iron castings, Ni-Resist castings, Stainless Cast Steel castings, Aluminum castings and other Specialty Alloys.
  • Kimura Foundry can also pour Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI) castings, a Swedish process control developed by SinterCast for product development, prototyping and niche volume production castings; this process has very limited business production available in the United States.
  • Kimura Foundry America can produce castings with complex shapes and wall thicknesses as low as 1.5mm. The final products will have dimensional accuracy of ±0.5mm and exceptionally smooth surfaces and zero defects.
  • Kimura Foundry America offers a 5-day delivery of a raw castings.
  • Kimura Foundry America also utilizes MAGMASOFT simulation software to ensure zero defect castings.
  • Recent installation of a larger furnace will allow us to pour castings as large as 500kg.
  • 2019 installation of a new in-house lab that will allow Kimura Foundry America to provide non-destructive tests to guarantee a quality casting.
  • Our in-house lab offers Brinell testing, tensile testing, metallography testing, surface scan, Charpy impact, leak testing, heat treat, ultrasonic testing, penetration testing and sectioning.
  • 3D scanning is used to analyze the dimensions of the castings to assure the part is in tolerance and adheres to customer specification.
  • 2019 Installation of a computerized tomography (CT) inspection system for a more precise view of the inside of our castings.
  • Industries served yield a wide range of products; art, watercraft, pumps, motor housings, turbine housings, agricultural, automotive, gas and oil, tier 1 suppliers, machine tools, bearing housings, brake components, cylinder heads and prototype engine parts of any industry.

Kimura Foundry Group is one of the largest independent full-service manufacturers of iron, steel and specialty alloy castings. Founded in 1927 and owned and operated by four successive generations of the Kimura family, the company today employs more than 900 people.

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